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About Dr. Wilborn

Dr. Tammy Lewis Wilborn, PhD. is a mental health and wellness expert, author, and keynote speaker.

Dr. Wilborn is a retired board-certified licensed professional counselor and clinical supervisor with over 20 years of clinical experience. Dr. Wilborn is the Owner and Chief Clinical Officer of Wilborn Clinical Services, LLC, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Tammy Lewis Wilborn, LLC, and Founder of the Black Women’s Wellness Conference of New Orleans.


Dr. Tammy Lewis Wilborn
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Wellness is a journey, not a destination!

People have asked me over the years, “What’s your story?” “What’s the reason behind your passion?” “Why you?” I often think to myself, ‘Why not me?’ ‘Why wouldn’t I do this work?’ Why wouldn’t someone who has spent half of her life facilitating change, growth, and healing be the person to transform lives around the world? My response: I do this work because it’s what I was put here to do.

As a professional counselor who has spent 20 years facilitating healing for others, I had the honor of peeking behind the curtain of my clients’ lives to hear about the moments that caused fear, guilt, shame, and not-enoughness. I have also journeyed with my clients as they work through life’s hurts and disappointments towards self-acceptance, self-love, truth, happiness, vulnerability, and a sense that despite it all, their life matters.

As a fellow traveler, my own journey includes the same struggles as you: family issues, disappointment, hurt, trauma, and unhealthy cycles. Through much prayer, contemplation, and counseling I learned how to accept and honor my own truth, be vulnerable, love myself, put me first, and let go of people, places, and things that no longer serve me. I learned how to become the author of my own story. Truth is, we are all born into the middle of somebody else’s story. At some point, you can decide to create the life you want to live. My goal is to ignite you to write a new story where you are well and ultimately free. Let’s journey together…