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Wellness at Work: Managing Stress! Maintaining Sanity!

Professional women are often responsible for juggling multiple responsibilities of work and family with little time for self. However, lack of self-care can ultimately lead to stress and burnout. This interactive presentation will highlight unique challenges that professional women experience at work, the negative effects of stress, and offer strategies to promote self-care.

Black Women, Stereotypes and Work: When the Will to Lead is Not Enough

Facebook Chief Operating Officer and author, Sheryl Sandberg in her book “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead ” challenged women to “sit at the table, seek challenges, and take risks” to achieve their professional goals. While Lean In arguably ignited a movement in professional women’s circles, Sandberg admits that Lean In is not for women for who work is not a “choice.” What does that mean? It means that Lean In fails to speak to women of color who constitute half of the labor force, who not only work out of necessity, but who also experience actual institutional barriers to their career advancement. Black women, as the second largest group of women of color in the workforce, experience race and gender stereotypes (RGS) that create unique professional challenges. This interactive presentation will present research findings from a study that examined Black women's lived experiences of RGS at work and offer recommendations for helping them navigate their professional journey. 

Breaking Cycles, Living Authentically!

Cycles start as early childhood messages that become our life script for how we view and treat ourselves and the people around us. When these cycles are unhealthy, they strip of us of our ability to live authentic and well lives. In this interactive talk, Dr. Wilborn will share her journey of overcoming childhood obstacles to become a mental health counselor who helps others break cycles one session at a time; and offer tools to help you break the cycles in your own life. 

No. Is a Complete Sentence: How To Set Boundaries and Create Balance

From #Blackgirlmagic to #TimesUp, women are showing that they really can run the world. Whether leading movements, leading organizations, or leading their families, women are doing it all. However, doing it all comes with a cost. High rates of depression, anxiety, stress and burnout suggest that just because women can do it all, does not mean they should. Learning how to balance responsibilities while maintaining health and wellbeing is critical. This presentation will discuss the unique challenges that women experience doing it all and offer tools for creating a more balanced life.

Finding Clarity in the Midst of Chaos

Carol Tome’, CEO of UPS said “A crisis is a terrible opportunity to waste.” Yet, lack of skills to navigate through life’s uncertainty can leave us feeling stuck and out of control. This interactive program offers tools for finding clarity in the midst of chaos by discussing challenges that arise when dealing with uncertainty, common emotional responses, and tips for restoring clarity and calm to our lives.